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Boxing Sponsors

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We are looking for Sponsors for our Senior State Boxing Championships on June 4, 5, and 6th. We have to pay for Rent, chairs, trophies, medals, etc… Any donation ($25, $50, $100) will be appreciated. Money used after expenses will be split among the Hawaii Boxing Delegation to the National Championships in Colorado Springs, CO. in July.
Thanks, Bruce


More on clinics

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What: Officials Clinic and Test- Level 1
Where: Hawaii Self Storage at 488 Kamokila Blvd. in Kapolei.
When: Saturday, March 6th, 2010
Why: For anyone interested in Officiating Amateur Boxing as a judge, referee, timekeeper or glove table.

Cost is free if you are already registered with USA-Boxing. To register with USA-Boxing cost is $80 including the background check.

Contact Clinician Eiichi Jumawan at or 256-2885.
Or Interm Manager Bruce Kawano at
We will need a count of attendees, so let us know if you can make it.

Matches for Feb 20 Amateur show

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Dear Coaches,
These are the matches I have so far for Saturday February 20th fights. There are many unmatched fighters and I’m asking for help in making matches.

1. Austin Faeldonea (Kona BC) 60lbs. vs. Saul Fukunaga (Yeshua).
2. Gary Durgan (AP Boxing Club) 90lbs vs. Earl Kekoakahaani (Yeshua)
3. Eddie Fernandez (AP) 75lbs vs David Pitman (Yeshua)
4. Aisea Lelenoa (KK)01-10-96bd 130lbs vs Maka Benedicto (Bulls Eye)
5. Delsin Amaizoa (Waimea) 135 vs Danson Rellez (Yeshua)
6. Paplo Santoya (KK) 07-06-86bd 139 vs. Ethan Deluz (Yeshua)
7. Martin Medinamac (KK) 04-04-88bd 180lbs vs Thomas Grimmel (Yeshua)
8. Mana Meyers (KK) 170lbs vs Faamana Siufa (Kahali Boxing Club)
9. Tye Burnham (KK) 12-18-79bd 161lb vs Patrick Torres (Yeshua) 160 lbs
10. Kaeo Meyer (KK) 170 was matched to Gaylord Balasi (Kawano)

Leo Garcia (KK) 209lbs is matched to Kaleo Gambill at a weight class of 195 need know Kaleo wt to confirm
Kevin Eichor (KK) 06-11-91 134 was matched with Mark Gersaola (Yeshua) is this still?
Malu Bendicto 18yrs 165lbs Bulls Eyes Boxing Club
Edgardo Escebar (KK) 8-27-80 150lbs
Bruce Ventura (KK) 12-11-86 150lbs
Keian Rosa 15yrs 120
Nicholi Wasman 13yrs 90lbs
Salom Lord 15yr 185lbs.
Brenson Fernandez 12yrs 73lbs. (Shalman Boxing Club)?
Damina Kaliko Beerman 9yrs ?wt
George Shermoma 14yrs 130lbs (Bulls Eyes)
Palani Correra 14yrs 155lbs (Bulls Eyes)
Maui Scantilado 17yrs 140lbs (Bulls Eyes)

Sorry About the Spelling of Names. Please look over the list and any match you’d like to confirm or set new one please let me know.

You can e-mail me at or call Jamie at 808-854-1647 or Sonny Westbrooke at 808-895-5016.

Aloha Jamie

Coaches Clinics

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March 6th from noon – 5 p.m. an Officials Clinic at Hawaii Self Storage in Kapolei, 488 Kamokila Blvd. Anyone wanting to learn how to Officiate Amateur Boxing. Clinic/certification is Free, but registration for USA-Boxing is $80. Contact Eiichi Jumawan at or call Bruce Kawano.

March 20th from noon to 5 p.m. a Coaches Clinic at the same location. If they already registered, it is free. If not they have to register with USA-Boxing. Go to our website at or call Bruce Kawano at 808-542-1181 or Eiichi Jumawan at

…a bit of Hawaii boxing history

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found in the pages of “Journal of Combative Sport”

These are profiles and stories of old time boxers from the early 1900’s here in Hawaii. Thought you might like them.

Tsuneshi Maruo, A Hawaiian Boxing Champion
Hawaiian Boxing: Walter Cho
Robert “Ripper” Takeshita
Hawaii Boxing: Johnny Yasui
Harold Hoshino, the Japanese Sandman
Western Boxing in Hawaii: The Bootleg Era, 1893-1929

NMU Boxing Losing Funding

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It’s important that we keep this program open. Many of our Hawaii Boxers received full scholarships to this program. The only program that offers Boxing Scholarships. If you know your Congressman send him a letter. My letter is attached.
There are 4 Olympic Training Centers, one of those is the Olympic Education Center in Marquette, Michigan. The only Olympic Education Center. We also have a bunch of Hawaii female wrestlers there now. We don’t want this training center to get shut down.

Bruce Kawano
NMU Task Force Appointed Member.
Hawaii Boxing Interm Manager.
Ringside Board of Advisors.

Boxing guru Matsui to throw in towel

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by Wayne Joseph
Stephens Media

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 8:58 AM HST
Jack Matsui has been involved in boxing for more than 60 years, training some of the best fighters to ever take to the ring on the Big Island and in Japan.

But at age 87 and in frail health, the founder of the Big Island International Amateur Boxing Council has reluctantly decided to walk away from the sport he loves.

“My health is declining and my legs are bothering me so much that I need to use a wheelchair,” Matsui said recently from the Hilo Medical Center long-term care facility. “I’m not happy with retiring from boxing. It has been a part of my life for so long that this is hard for me to give up. My whole life has been boxing.”

He leaves behind a legacy dedicated to helping youths in the ring.

Matsui, who was born in 1922 and raised at the Waiakea Mill, said he received his first taste of boxing at the age of 12.

“Every camp had a boxing club and I needed to learn to defend myself,” Matsui said. “Boxing and self defense was just a part of learning to grow up.”

Matsui became a flyweight at 112 pounds and gained the attention of the Honolulu Catholic Youth Organization which brought him to Oahu for training.

Through his experience with seeing “punch drunk,” brain-damaged former boxers, Matsui made a promise to never allow his fighters to get hurt.

“I went back to Hilo to teach kids not to get injured,” he said. “I’ve always believed that kids should box one or two years to learn the necessary skills to protect themselves, then quit fighting in the ring.”

Over the years Matsui had started both novice and amateur boxing clubs on the Big Island and trained some of the island’s best.

“I’ve always believed that we can help the kids to learn to make a positive contribution to their community through boxing,” he said. “I’ve been asked many times by the juvenile department to help work with certain kids and steer them in the right path by teaching them self-discipline through boxing.”

Matsui’s coaching list of former boxers is a who’s who of Big Island.

He coached and trained the Asuncion brothers — George, Gerald and Dennis — all of whom were good fighters during the late 1960s. George Asuncion went on to become the first boxer from Hilo to make the Olympic team in 1968.

Matsui also trained Frank Flores, Charles Cabral, Fred Mensha and Ralph Aviles. Mensha became an all-Japan boxer during the 1970s, while Aviles headlined a professional card and at one time ranked eighth in the world.

Matsui was invited to go to Japan eight times to help train their fighters.

The highlight of Matsui’s Japan connection came in 1988 when he was asked to help train the Japanese boxing team for the Seoul Olympics.

Along with keeping boxing in the forefront for the Big Island community, Matsui has also been instrumental in founding the Big Island Athlete of the Month Program, with the help of Hugh Clark, and he’s the founder of the Big Island Sports Hall of Fame.